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any of the thin parts like thread that form plant or artificial material, esp. those that can be made into cloth, or a mass of such parts twisted together:
Police detectives found cloth fibers at the crime scene that matched those from the coat the suspect was wearing.
the part of foods eaten that is not digested but that passes through the body and is excreted as waste:
It may possibly be the quantity of fiber and not the antioxidants in vegetables that has protective effects.
Hence, it is hard to imagine that these two fiber types are working in synchrony on the same behavioral and thought processes.
By considering these additional characteristics, whorl data offer impor tant insights into religious significance of spinning, as well as practical qualities of fiber production.
Since their distributions along unstable fibers coincide by assumption (ii), it is enough to compare ^ their distributions along stable directions.
The overlooked resolving possibilities for probably had to do, at least in part, with the nature of fiber products.
In this case, elastic fibers did not appear through the smooth muscle cells which were surrounding the recanalized vessels.

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Thirty-eight percent had evidence of interhemispheric widening, suggesting damage to the callosal fibers that link the two hemispheres, most prominent in frontal regions.
These might be strictly visceroresponsive or might be supplied by mechanically insensitive afferent fibers.
Clearly, speed of response matters but is not all important because many groups have and many lack giant fibers.
For all textile mills processing the same fiber, effluent characteristics are broadly similar, but the quantities may vary.





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